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SaleSpider Media Inc includes a family of social networks, websites, an advertising network, a data management platform, and mobile applications. Click Here to view SaleSpider Media Inc's brands.

SaleSpider Media Inc's listing information are compiled from publicly available sources such as local telephone records, phone directories, and publicly available social network profiles.

For European Union residents only, as per the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) your information will be stored for as long as your account exists which is determined by you. You can remove your information at anytime.

The following instructions outline how to remove your information

On every residential listing or business listing, there is a link you can click on to instantly delete that listing. Example of the links are "Delete This Profile" and "If you own this company and would like to delete this listing, click here".

Please be aware that deleting your information does not instantly remove your information off search engines such as Google. If you want to quickly remove your information from search engines instead of waiting for months, click here.

If you can't find the delete link on a listing, this means that the listing is owned by one of our members. Please contact the owner of the listing directly by clicking "Send a Message", which is usually found next to their picture on the listing.

If you choose to provide your email address and choose to opt-in to receiving emails you can opt-out by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email sent to you.

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